Design principles for edtech

plansAn infographic summarizing what needs to happen if edtech is play its part in improving education provision

I’m told that everyone who’s anyone does infographics these days—and also that most of my posts are too long and difficult to understand. Well, here is my first effort at an infographic and I hope it makes things clearer.

my first infographic

9 thoughts on “Design principles for edtech

  1. Thank you for sharing. The infographic can be used to start a conversation, interpret the images, ask questions. Everyone is looking at the same picture you have portrayed so I think a great starting point for a lecture or a discussion on a topic. This is timely too as this week my students have been designing infographics of their survey data. It’s good. I like it.

    • Thanks Terry. Michael, I am indeed rapidly losing my infographic-scepticism. I can see that there may be benefit in saying less, and letting the reader do more interpreting… But my infographic is less info and more grapic. Maybe we need a new buzzword for that: conceptgraphic perhaps?

  2. Hi, Crispin, would be great if you could incorporate a link to embed this. I created on. when you click on it, it leads back to your original.
    Here it is, in case you’d like to use it:


  3. For some reason the html made itself into a link. It should look like this:

    a class=”embedly-card” href=””>Card

    with a at the end!

  4. Good grief. OK, last attempt to convey this. That code should start with a “less than” symbol and end with a “greater than” symbol. If this doesn’t come out right I will lie down in a darkened room

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