Submitting guest articles

You are invited to submit guest posts for this blog.

I make no guarantees that I shall publish posts that are submitted to me for publication – but I shall aim to publish as many posts as possible that meet the following criteria.

Guest articles should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length.

Guest articles should be submitted as a Word or ODT document.

Please supply with your guest article:

  • a title;
  • a description (100-200 characters);
  • a synopsis (100-200 words);
  • an illustrative picture of your choosing, measuring 300 x 168 pixels;
  • a head-and-shoulders portrait, at least 800 pixels square.

Guest articles may include:

  • other graphics, which should be embedded in the text at the appropriate point;
  • hyperlinks (subject to the provisos below);
  • footnotes;
  • tables.

The subject matter should be relevant to the topics covered on this blog (either by myself or by others) but certainly need not agree with them. They should be about the theory or application of education technology. They should not review, promote or substantially concern particular products, websites, organisations or projects, but may reference these things to illustrate a point.

Please send your guest articles to

I do not respond to requests to publish guest articles where no content is submitted or where no attempt has been made to engage with the topics of ed-tech that are covered in this blog. I regard such requests as a form of SPAM.

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